Ronald Emett Church Furniture - The commissioning process

By the process of commissioning a piece of furniture, both the aspirations of the client and the practical requirements of the project can be fulfilled. Moreover, the result can be an object of great beauty and lasting value.

The process usually begins with an email or telephone call to my workshop ("could you design and make a piece for this or that purpose? and how much will it cost?")
The answer to the first question is generally "yes" and to the second "well that depends..."

I am always happy to discuss with the client their needs, the budget for the piece, and any necessary deadlines. I usually suggest a meeting with the client at the location for which the piece is intended, so that I can understand their requirements, take measurements and photographs as appropriate, and generally get to know both client and location. A draft design, together with suggestions for materials and an estimate of cost, would then follow.

Once the final design is agreed I can give a firm quotation and an estimated delivery date. On acceptance of my quotation I ask for a deposit of 30% of the price, the balance being payable on delivery. For larger projects I might ask for stage payments during construction.

Clients are welcome to visit the workshop (by appointment please) while their piece is being made. For many clients, the fascination of the commissioning process arises from their involvement at each stage: concept, design and making.