Lectern in laminated maple
Christ Church, Bedford

Christ Church Bedford is a lively church with a strong evangelical tradition a place where the lectern will take centre stage when the Word is preached with feeling.

So any piece of church furniture placed here at the focal point must be designed carefully.

It seemed to me that a lectern used in this building would need first of all to proclaim its presence, then also to proclaim its purpose as a vehicle for delivering the spoken word. I wanted a visually strong structure, but one which is pleasing to the eye and would introduce a few curves into an otherwise rectangular interior.

Three curved elements (the scroll-like legs and the reading desk) are arranged to fan out from a central point behind behind the lectern, roughly where the speaker is standing. An elliptical cartouche connects the legs and bears the Christ Church Logo in gold leaf.

"The lectern at Christ Church is fantastic. The lines are so easy on the eye, and we love the colour. Thank you so very much for crafting it"
R.B. - Christ Church